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Popular Party, Partido Popular (Spain)

World     General Discussion     01-15-2018

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Germany - Slight raise of the Left

Germany     New Poll     01-02-2018

Germany, INSA poll:

CDU/CSU: 33%
SPD: 20% (⏷1)
AfD: 13%
LINKE: 11% (⏶1)
FDP: 10% (⏷1)
GRÜNE: 10%

Field work: 29 December to 2 January
Sample Size: 2,012

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Insa Poll

CDU/CSU [33%]

SPD [20%]

AfD [13%]

Linke [11%]

FDP [10%]

GRÜNE [10%]

Nepal - Communists sweep in the Nepali elections

Nepal     Parliament Elections     01-02-2018

The first days of December 2017 have been very important for Nepal. In the recent history of Nepal, this is the first time that elections have been held in Nepal to form a government after many years of economic and political instability. Gone are the 10 years of civil war in Nepal and the abolition of the monarchy in 2008. With the constitution of a republic, the various governments of Nepal have striven to agree on a Consitution that was finally approved in 2015. But the establishment of a new regime and a constituent process did not mean stability. In 10 years Nepal has had 11 different prime ministers with their consequent changes of government, which clearly leaves the country with a very tangible political instability that has meant that the country does not get to recover economically, much less to develop.

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India - Results of RK Nagar by-election: TTV Dhinakaran surpasses 50% of the vote

India     New Poll     12-26-2017

No one would have given the independent candidate T T V Dhinakaran a chance against E Madhusudhanan of the ruling AIADMK before the campaign started. The result of the by-election for Chennai's RK Nagar assembly constituency, which fell vacant after the death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa last December, is a crushing victory for Dhinakaran, who splited from the AIADMK. After the initial rounds of counting, Mr Dhinakaran, said: "We are the real AIADMK. People of RK Nagar have voted Amma's successor." RK Nagar constituency was held on December 21, and saw a record 77 per cent turnout in the by-election and the result can mean a shift in the balance of power in detriment of AIADMK.

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Sweden - The Red-Green bloc would rise almost 4% since 2014

Sweden     New Poll     12-23-2017

Published in December 2017 by Ipsos, this poll was carried out by telephone, with a 2.029 sample size.

S - 28%

M - 23% (+)

SD - 16% 

C - 10% (-)

V - 7% (-)

L - 5% 

MP - 4% (-)

KD - 3%

F! - 2%




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