Germany - Slight raise of the Left

Germany     New Poll     01-02-2018

Germany, INSA poll:

CDU/CSU: 33%
SPD: 20% (⏷1)
AfD: 13%
LINKE: 11% (⏶1)
FDP: 10% (⏷1)
GRÜNE: 10%

Field work: 29 December to 2 January
Sample Size: 2,012

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Insa Poll

CDU/CSU [33%]

SPD [20%]

AfD [13%]

Linke [11%]

FDP [10%]

GRÜNE [10%]

Germany - Small increases for the Greens and AFD

Germany     New Poll     12-14-2017

A new from INSA for the Parliamentary election. We find in first place CDU/CSU with the exact same percentage as in the last poll (05/12): 31%. The SPD also remains stable at 22%. AFD would see its support increased half a point since last week and would be today on the 13.5%. The Greens would obtain a small increase in their support of 0.5%, that leaves them on 10.5% vote estimation.  The Left also gets 10.5% but after falling half a point. After them, we find FDP with 9%. That would be a loss of 1 point. The traditional other section would be represented by 3.5% of the votes.

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