India - Results of RK Nagar by-election: TTV Dhinakaran surpasses 50% of the vote

India     New Poll     12-26-2017

No one would have given the independent candidate T T V Dhinakaran a chance against E Madhusudhanan of the ruling AIADMK before the campaign started. The result of the by-election for Chennai's RK Nagar assembly constituency, which fell vacant after the death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa last December, is a crushing victory for Dhinakaran, who splited from the AIADMK. After the initial rounds of counting, Mr Dhinakaran, said: "We are the real AIADMK. People of RK Nagar have voted Amma's successor." RK Nagar constituency was held on December 21, and saw a record 77 per cent turnout in the by-election and the result can mean a shift in the balance of power in detriment of AIADMK.

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India - Majority for BJP in Gujarat legislative election

India     Parliament Elections     12-23-2017

The 14th Gujarat legislative election took place on 9 December and 14 December and the right-wing BJP (Indian People's Party) won it. Gujarat is a state in western India, ranked as the 9th most populated with about 60 millin habitants BJP surpassed the necessary majority to rule comfortably but lost 16 seats. However, BJP got 1.2% more than last election. With 49.1%, BJP obtained 99 seats (92 seats needed for a majority).  The social-democrat Indian National Congress got a good result, but couldn't avoid BJP's majority. INP obtained 77 seats (16 more) and 43.9% of the votes (a 4 % growth). 

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Gujarat election seat result

BJP 99

INP 77

Independents 3