Nepal - Communists sweep in the Nepali elections

Nepal     Parliament Elections     01-02-2018

The first days of December 2017 have been very important for Nepal. In the recent history of Nepal, this is the first time that elections have been held in Nepal to form a government after many years of economic and political instability. Gone are the 10 years of civil war in Nepal and the abolition of the monarchy in 2008. With the constitution of a republic, the various governments of Nepal have striven to agree on a Consitution that was finally approved in 2015. But the establishment of a new regime and a constituent process did not mean stability. In 10 years Nepal has had 11 different prime ministers with their consequent changes of government, which clearly leaves the country with a very tangible political instability that has meant that the country does not get to recover economically, much less to develop.

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