Roy Morgan Research for New Zealand - National Party would win the elections with a better result

The National Party would get an excellent result if elections were held today. According to Roy Morgan Research, 46% of votes would go to the liberal conservatives. The Labour, on the other hand, would get 31%.

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Roy Morgan Research for New Zealand

National [46%]

Labour [31%]

Green [11%]

NZ First [6.5%]

TOP [2%]

Maori [1.5%]

ACT [0.5%]

Sifo for Sweden - Flat scenario with the Social Democrats ahead

Sweden     New Poll     11-15-2017

According to Sifo, if the Swedish elections were held today, the Social Democratic Worker's Party would win the elections again, with 29.8% of popular support. That's almost exactly the same result from the elections held in September 2014.  On the other hand, the Moderate Party would get 22.4%, 0.9 points less than 2014.

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Sifo for Sweden

S - Social Democratic Party [31%]

M - Moderate Party [23.3%]

SD - Swedish Democrats [12.9%]

MP - Green Party [6.9%]

C - Centre Party [6.1%]

V - Left Party [5.7%]

L - Liberals [5.4%]

KD - Christian Democrats [4.6%]

Fi - Feminist Initiative [3.1%]

Kantar TNS for Norway - The Conservative party would win the elections

Norway     New Poll     11-15-2017

The Conservative Party would win the elections according to the pollster Kantar TNS, conducted between 6 and 9 of November. The conservatives would get 26.9% of the popular support, closely followed by the Labour Party, with 25.3%.

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Kantar TNS - Norway

H - Conservative Party [26.9%]

Ap - Labour Party [25.3%]

FrP - Progress Party [12.7%]

Sp - Center Party [11.5%]

SV - Socialist Left Party [7.4%]

V - Liberal Party [5.9%]

R - Red Party [3.9%]

KrF - Christian Democrat Party [3.1%]

MDG - Green Party [1.9%]

Others [1.4%]

Elections in Iceland: The Independence Party wins again

Iceland     Parliament Elections     10-30-2017

Recently, the Icelandic MP Bjarni Benediktsson of the Independence Party had to call early elections after a political scandal involving him in the defense of a rapist. A man who raped repeatedly his minor stepdaughter. The scandal bursted when the prime minister hid information about a legal procedure in order to restore the legal status of the man. It happens that this man is a personal friend of the MP. The liberal Bright Future, who lost all their deputies this time, decided to  stop supporting the Independece Party and force elections.

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Dissecting US citizens opinion on Trump

The firm YouGov conducted during the 22-24 of October a more than intereseting survey.  Among the great number of questions asked to the citizens, we selected the ones relating Trump's administration. Maybe the most important to start with is the one asking for approval ratings. The result: 56% of US citizens disapprove their president against the 41% who approve him. But there's more, much more.

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