The 5 Star Movement leads the polls

Italy     New Poll     10-27-2017

The 5 Star Movement has been expierencing a continuous but sustained growth since summer of 2014.  In parallel,  the ruling Democratic Party (PD) has seen it's support slowly collapse since the same date. According to the firm IPR Marketing, the M5S would win the elections with the 27% of the voters support. That's 1.4 points more than last elections (24 February 2013). The PD would still resist close behind,  at only 1.5 points from the leader, getting 25.5% result. A bad result considering the 29.55% got on the last elections.

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IPR Marketing

M5S - 5 Star Movement [27%]

PD - Democratic Party [25.5%]

FI - Forza Italia [14%]

LN - Northern League [13.5%]

FdI - Brothers of Italy [5.5%]

MDP - Democratic and Progressive Movement [3.5%]

Flat scenario with small increases on PSOE and Cs. The 70.8% wants the Catalan and Spanish government to dialog

Spain     New Poll     10-27-2017

Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party would win the elections for the third time if they were held today in Spain. According to the firm Invymark for the TV station LaSexta, PP would win with 30% voter's support. That's 0.2 points less than the survey conducted by the same pollster a month ago.  It is also 3 exact points less than last elections, on june 2016. Mariano Rajoy got elected the Spain's prime minister for the first time with the 44% of the votes in 2011. The continous corruptions scandals have worn out Rajoy's goverment.  On the other hand, the Socialist Party (PSOE) would expierence a discrete increase on it's support. Since last month, PSOE would pass from 24,5% to 24,9%, that is 2.3 points more than last elections. 

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Invymark/LaSexta - 16-20 Oct 2017 - 1100 sample size

PP - Popular Party [30%]

PSOE - Socialist Party [24.9%]

Podemos [19.5%]

Cs - Ciudadanos [14.6%]

Only 3 points separate the Independece Party and the Left

Iceland     New Poll     09-25-2017

According to the firm Market and Meda Research, conducted during the 20-23 of October, the Indepence party would win the next elections with the 22.9% of the votes. Followed closely by the Left at only 3 points distance.  A bad result for the Indepence Party, who would lose 6,1% since the last elections, on October 2016. The Left however, would increase their result in 4 exact points, becoming a serious racer for the victory and opening a opportunity to form a leftist goverment with the Social Democrats and Pirates.

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MMR - 20-23 Oct - 979 sample size

D - Independence Party 229

V - Left 199

S - Social Democratic Alliance 135