India - Majority for BJP in Gujarat legislative election

India     Parliament Elections     12-23-2017

The 14th Gujarat legislative election took place on 9 December and 14 December and the right-wing BJP (Indian People's Party) won it. Gujarat is a state in western India, ranked as the 9th most populated with about 60 millin habitants BJP surpassed the necessary majority to rule comfortably but lost 16 seats. However, BJP got 1.2% more than last election. With 49.1%, BJP obtained 99 seats (92 seats needed for a majority).  The social-democrat Indian National Congress got a good result, but couldn't avoid BJP's majority. INP obtained 77 seats (16 more) and 43.9% of the votes (a 4 % growth). 

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Gujarat election seat result

BJP 99

INP 77

Independents 3



Catalonia - Cs wins the election but the pro-independence parties obtain majority

Spain     Parliament Elections     12-22-2017

The Spanish president Mariano Rajoy failed in its attempt to defeat the independentists with the imposed elections thanks to Article 155 of the Constitution, which allows the intervention of the autonomies. With the leader of ERC in prison and the incumbent president in Belgium, the independentist parties have achieved an absolute majority of 70 deputies (the barrier is at 68). the defeat of Rajoy has come with a moral victory of his main rival for the leadership of the Spanish right, Ciudadanos. Cs has won the elections both in votes and in seats, although his victory is not relevant beyond the aesthetic, because the three independentist parties have secured the majority. Only a disagreement between them could give options to Inés Arrimades (leader of Cs). The results differ considerably from what was predicted by the surveys. Although the victory of Cs was expected, nobody expected that the incumbent president JXCAT's party would surpass ERC and maintain the leadership of the independence movement. Nor was it expected that the PP, the party that governs Spain, would practically become irrelevant and could not even form its own group. In fact, PP wwill have to share a mixed grup with the far-left and independentist CUP. 

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Catalonia election result

Cs 37

JxCat 34

ERC 32

PSC 14

CeC 8


PP 4

Spain - Catalonia Exit Poll - The unionist Cs would win but the pro-independence parties would achieve majority

Spain     New Poll     12-21-2017

The newspaper La Vanguardia publishes an exit poll where the independentists would obtain majority in parliament. In vote % though, the unionist Cs would win the election with 26%, followed by the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) with 22.5%. JxCAT, the party of the former regional president Car,es Puigdemont would rise to 19%. The pro-independence and anti-capitalist CUP would lose have of it's seats and would get 5%. 

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EU - Europeans don't feel their voice listened but have a positive view of the Union

The Eurobarometer has been published on December 19. Among the many data that the survey offers, we find a very attractive question from the ideological point of view: "In political matters people talk of" the left "and" the right. "How would you place your views on this scale?". So it happens that there is a tie. The survey asks about a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 represents the left end and 10 the right. On the far left (1) are 4% of Europeans. In (2) we also find 4%. In (3) we see 10%. In (4) there are 10% of the citizens of the Union. Therefore, 28% of Europeans position themselves on the left. In the exact center of the scale (5) we have 25% of the respondents. On the right side we find 28%. 9% answered (6), 8% did it for (7), 5% for (8), 2% for (9) and 4% for (10). The ideology of Europeans seems extremely balanced. even though the European Parliament is mainly occupied by the right and right wing parties are ruling most of European countries.

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Spain - Navarra's current government could fall. Tie on opposition and government parties

Spain     New Poll     12-20-2017

Today the 'Navarrómetro' has been published, an annual public election report that is commissioned by the Parliament of Navarra. According to this survey, carried out between September 25 and October 8, 2017, the parties of the government and those of the opposition will tie to 25 seats in new elections. So the four parties that sustain the government could easily lose their majority. The conservative UPN (Unión del Pueblo Navarro) would win the regional elections with 28.3% of the votes and  a force of 16 seats. EH Bildu, a vasque independentist and leftist party, would rank second with 16.5% and 9 seats. Following we find Geroa Bai getting 15.3% and 8 seats. Podemos (We can) is next with 11.2% and 6 seats. The centre-left PSOE (Socialist Party) would obtain 10.4% and  5 seats. The right wing and the one ruling Spain Popular Party rises to 5.3% and would get 3 seats. Citizens, with 3.1%, would enter the Parliament with 1 seat. 

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