Chile turns to the right. Sebastián Piñera gets a clear victory

Chile     Presidential Elections     12-19-2017

Chile turns to the right (again). The ex-president Sebastián Piñera won a clear victory over  Alejandro Guillier and will again lead Chile for four years. He obtained more than nine points of difference (54.5% to 45.4%), much higher than expected. His social-democrat rival, who could'nt mobilize the voters who supported the leftist Frente Amplio in the first round. Guillier lost even in his region, Antofagasta. This victory consolidates the liberal turn that started in Argentina with Macri in 2015.

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Chilean Presidential election result (2nd round)

Sebastián Piñera - Chile Vamos [54.5%]

Alejandro Guillier - La Fuerza de la Mayoría [45.4%]

Spain - A poll predicts an independentist majority in Catalan Parliament

Spain     New Poll     12-17-2017

The Scottish "The National" published a tracking that differs from the rest of polls we have seen this last days. According to the firm Feedback, the pro-independence parties could repeat their majority in Parliament at the December 21 election. The 3 independentists parties would get 68-70 seats, just above the majority line (68) and would obtain 48.66% of the vote. Overcoming the 50% barrier would be a major breaktrhough for the "Procés" (Process). The same poll suggests however, that the unionist and centre-right winged Ciutadans (Citizens) would win the election with 24.18% and 33 seats. That would'nt be enough to put toghether a majority alternative. Under this poll prediction, the unionist side (Ciutadans, PSC and PP) will get 43.49% of the vote and 56-58 seats.

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Austria - Tie between FPÖ and SPÖ

Austria     New Poll     12-15-2017

On December 10, 2017 the firm Market publishes a survey for Der Standard that shows a victory of ÖVP with 32% of the votes. Next we find SPÖ and FPÖ tied at 26%. The NEOS match gets a 6% followed closely by the Greens, with a 5%. Finally, PILZ would obtain 3% of the votes. The poll was conducted in the period 01 / 12-06 / 12 with a sample size of 814 persons interviewed by telephone and online. The margin of error is +/- 3.4%. You can access the source here.

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Market - December 10

ÖVP [32.65%]

SVÖ [26.53%]

FPÖ [26.53%]

NEOS [6.12%]

Greens [5.1%]

PILZ [3.06%]

Cyprus - Anastasiades would win comfortably in 2018

Cyprus     New Poll     12-15-2017

According to the CMRC poll for Antenna TV, the incumbent president Nicos Anastasiades would comfortably win the 2018 Presidential election. The poll expects Anastasiades to lead the first round with 37.5%, followed by Nicolas Papadopoulos with 27.1%. Closely behind we fin Stavros Malas, who is backed by AKEL, obtaining a 24.1%. The leader of Citizens Alliance, Giorgos Lillikas is expected to get 5.3% while Phivos Mavrovouniotis would be last with 1.1% of the votes.

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Canada - Slight rise of the liberal party and small wear of the conservative party

Canada     New Poll     12-15-2017

A new survey published by Nanos Research on December 8 shows a slight rise in the Liberal party and a similar setback for the Conservative party.
The Liberal party would get 40.7% of the vote, growing 0.6 from the same poll from last week. The conservative party is backing 0.4 points and stands at 30.3%. The New Democratic Party would obtain 17.5%, 1 points more than the last survey. The Bloc Québécois is backing 0.4 points and now stands at 3.8%. On the other hand, the Green party could reach 6.7%, 0.2 points less than the previous week. The survey offers a margin of error of +/- 3.1 and a sample size of 1,000 people interviewed by telephone. You can access the source here.

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Nanos Research for Canada - 8 Dec 2017

Liberal [40.7%]

Conservative [30.3%]

NDP [17.5%]

Green [6.7%]

BQ [3.8%]