UK - Brexit: Did the UK change its mind?

The firm YouGov published a poll in December this year, showing a possible shift in citizens minds regarding Brexit. In  June 2016 the British decided, in the EU membership referemdum, to leave the European Union with 51.89%, whereas 48.11% voted for "remain". To the question "In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?", 44% of respondents answered "Right to leave" and 45% chose "wrong to leave", in addition 11% answered "Don't know". Although this results could indicate a shift in the UK public opinion, most of the interviewed consider that the UK should " continue with Brexit on its current negotiating terms" (43%). However, 9% of the voters feel that the government should reconsider its aims in Brexit negotiation and seek a "softer" Brexit. Also, 16% thinks that the government should offer a second referendum to find out if Britain still wants to go ahead with Brexit. 15% considers that the government should abandon Brexit completely and remain a member of the European Union and 17% "Don't know".

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Uruguay - The Broad Front leads closely followed by PN

Uruguay     New Poll     12-11-2017

The most important change in this poll conducted by Factum Institute is a small increase in Broad Front support, staying now on 33%. The National Party goes back to the second place with 31%. The rest of the parties remain stale, Partido Colorado and People's Party/Novick obtain 7% each. Independent Party  gets 5% and Popular Unity 2%. The undecided remains around 15%. The poll was conducted from 23th October to 11th November. It has a 1.004 sample size who were interviewed by phone. The margin of error is +/-3.2% with a confidence level of 95.5%.

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Factum Insititute - Nov '17

Broad Front [33%]

National Party [31%]

Undecided/Others [15%]

Colored Party [7%]

People's Party/Novick [7%]

Independent Party [5%]

Popular Unity [2%]

Australia (Tasmania) - Liberal and Labor in a close tie

Enterprise Marketing and Research Services (EMRS) pollster released a survey in December for the Australian Tasmanian state voting intentions. The poll show a tie between the Liberal and the Labor at 34% after a Lberal sustained fall since Nov'12, when the Lberal Party reached an estimated vote of 55%. The Greens would get 17% and Jacqui Lambie Network would reach 8%. Independent gets 6%. The poll was conducted from the 1th to the 5th of December 2017 with 1.000 adult Tasmanian residents. The margin of eror is +/- 3.1 with a 95% confidence level. The poll can be accessed here.

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EMRS for Tasmanian State - Dec '17

Liberal Party [34%]

Labor Party [34%]

Greens [17%]

Jacqui Lambie Network [8%]

Idependent [6%]

Scotland - SNP loses support down to 39%, pro-Independence stay firm on 47%

Even though the SNP would still win the election with a 14 points leap over the conservatives, the Scottish National Part lost 7.5 points since last eletion on May 2016. According to Survation/Daily Record. Support for Independence remains firm on 47%. The poll was conducted via online panel on 27th-30th Nvember.

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Survation/Daily Record - 30 November

SNP [39%]

Labour [25%]

Conservative [24%]

Liberal Democrat [8%]

Russia - An unstoppable Vladimir Putin could get 68% of the votes

Russia     New Poll     12-10-2017

Vladimir Putin announced last 6 December his intention to run again for the Presidential Election. His numbers in polls seem like a good idea. According to FOM in a poll conducted 10 days before Putin's announcement, he would get 68% of the votes if the election was held next Sunday.  Also, the survey shows that 81% of respondents think that V. Putin is doing a "good" job. Only 11% describe his work as bad and 8% find it difficult to answer. More answers here.

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Russia - FOM 26 Nov 2017

V. Putin (United Russia) [68%]

Undecided [9%]

Zhirinovsky (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) [7%]

Zyuganov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) [4%]

Other [3%]

Yavlinsky [1%]

Sobchak [1%]