Pakistan - PML(N) scores 34% in latest poll, Nawaz the favourite leader

Pakistan     New Poll     12-10-2017

The ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and it's leader the PM Nawaz Sharif would win the election again if it was held today. The poll was conducted by Gallup Pakistan and it also shows the most favourite leader in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif gets a 27% result while Imran Khan a 23%. Far behind we find Bilawal Bhutto with 8%. Also, 40% of respondents think elections should be held immediately instead of waiting to 2018. The survey is very extensive, check the rest here.

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Gallup Pakistan - 1 Nov 2017

PML (N) [34%]

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [26%]

Others [19%]

Pakistan People's Party [15%]

Muttahida Quami Movement [2%]

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) [2%]

Awami National Party [2%]

Turkey - 30% would support early election while Erdogan's AKP is close to 50% vote

Turkey     New Poll     12-10-2017

The ORC Research Company conducted face-to-face surveys with a total of 2,674 participants on 36 days from November 9-15. The poll also suggest that 59.4% of respondents reject early election. The early election supporters stays at 30.2%.

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Turkey - ORC 9–15 Nov

AKP [48.9%]

CHP [23.9%]

MHP [10.2%]

HDP [7.5%]

İYİ [6.7%]

Others [2.8%]

Ukraine - The centre-right "All-Ukranians" would win the elections

Ukraine     New Poll     12-10-2017

IAP, "Socioprognoz", "Kiev Press Club" and "Mediakhab" published a poll conducted during 14-24 November of 2017. The results show 55% of respondents are decided to vote for some political party. The survey was conducted by individual face-to-face interviews at the place of residence of the respondent. A total of 2008 respondents were polled. Ø Standard deviations with a reliable 95 percent and the ratio of variables from 0.1: 0.9 to 0.5: 0.5 are 1.36 - 2.24 percent.

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IAP, "Socioprognoz", "Kiev Press Club" and "Mediakhab" - 14-24 November

All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" [18.1%]

Petro Poroshenko Bloc «Solidarity» [15.3%]

For life [13.1%]

Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko [12.6%]

Opposition Bloc [9.2%]

Civil Position [8.6%]

Self Reliance [7.4%]

Svoboda [6.3%]

Movement of New Forces [3.4%]

Montenegro - Democratic Montenegro would raise up to 26%

The study was conducted by DeFacta from September 14 to October 4 on a sample of 1006 subjects, with a plus-minus error of 3.1%. From DeFact, "Vijestima" unofficially confirmed that the research was done and that the data was accurate, but that it was done for the purpose of planning the campaign, not for the public, and that they could not find out who ordered the survey.

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DeFacta - September/October

DPS [38%]

DCG [26.1%]

DF [12.2%]

DEMOS [4.3%]

SNP [4.1%]

SDP [3.4%]

URA [1.9%]

BS [1.9%]

SD [1.5%]

Moldova - PSRM would reach +50%. PAS would break in with 26%

Moldova     New Poll     12-02-2017

The study was conducted at the request of the TIMPUL newspaper by the sociopolitical public opinion fund " FOP ". Data collection took place from 7 to 29 October 2017 on a sample of 4517 people, representative of the adult population of the Republic of Moldova (except the Transnistrian region), the maximum sampling error being ± 1,5%.

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Ziarul Timpul și Fondul Opiniei Publice

PSRM [50.3%]

PAS [25.9%]

PDM [6.2%]

PPDA [4.1%]

PCRM [3.7%]

PN [3.2%]

PPEM [1.8%]

PL [1.7%]

Others [1.6%]

PLDM [1.5%]