Mexico - Morena would win the presidential election

Mexico     New Poll     12-02-2017

According to the recently released poll by Reforma the leftist party Morena would win the next presidential election in Mexico. Morena would get 29% while the ruling PRI would obtain 22%. In third place we find PAN with 21%. When asked for which candidate they would vote for, the 31% of respondents answered Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from Morena. 19% chose Ricardo Anaya, from PAN and 17% did for José Antonio Meade, from PRI. The poll was conducted on 23-27 November and it has a 1.200 respondents sample. The sample error is +/- 3.4%.

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Malaysia - Anwar Ibrahim is the preferred Prime Minister

Malaysia     New Poll     12-02-2017

A survey conducted by the Institute of Darul Ehsan (IDE). The poll was conducted on August 26 to early September in 2016. It involved 1.761 respondents and the questions were made face-to-face. It shows who the Malaysians think would be the best Prime Minister.

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IDE - Preferred next PM

Anwar Ibrahim (People's Justice Party) [30%]

Mahathir Mohamad (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) [24%]

Muhyiddin bin Haji Mohd. Yassin (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) [17%]

Lim Kit Siang (Democratic Action Party) [15%]

Abdul Hadi Awang (PAS) [14%]

NSPM - This is how Belgradians would vote if parliamentary elections were held today

Serbia     New Poll     12-02-2017

NSPM poll conducted during 1-10 November with a combined field-phone sample of 1.200 respondents. The survey was conducted in the territory of Belgrade, but asked for  an answer to the question of who would vote for if there were early parliamentary elections.

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NPSM - 1-10 November (Belgrade)

SNS [44.2%]

PSG [16.2%]

SPS [8.8%]

Others [8.1%]

DS [5.6%]

SRS [5.5%]

Dveri [5.2%]

NS [3.5%]

DJB [2.9%]

Romania - PSD would get 43% votes if the election was held today

Romania     New Poll     12-02-2017

CURS survey for November 2017 with a sample of 1.067 respondents, voters aged 18 and over. 37% of interviewed are not decided or didn't answer.

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CURS - November 2017

PSD [43%]

PNL [27%]

ALDE [9%]

UDMR [6%]

PMP [6%]

USR [5%]

Other [4%]

Hungary - Fidesz-KDNP leads uncontested

Hungary     New Poll     12-02-2017

Nézőpont published a poll conducted during November 1-19 with 2.000 people interviewed aged over 18. The sampling error is 2.2%.

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Nézőpont - 1-19 Nov

Fidesz-KDNP [48%]

Jobbik [16%]

MSZP [9%]

LMP [8%]

DK [8%]

MM [4%]

Együtt [2%]

MKKP [2%]

Other [2%]

Dialogue [1%]