Promocija plus for Croatia - HDZ leads comfortably

Croatia     New Poll     12-02-2017

New poll from Promocija plus published on 5th November showing the Croatian Democratic Party winning the election again.  The survey has a representative sample of 1.300 respondents by telephone and it has a sample error of ± 2.7%.

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Promocija plus - 5 November

Croatian democratic union [31.3%]

social democratic party of croatia [22.9%]

Undecided [12.2%]

Others [9.4%]

Bridge of Independent lists [8.7%]

Human shield [7.5%]

croatian peasant party [3.1%]

BM 365 [2.3%]

Istrian democratic assembly [1.4%]

Croatian people's party [1.2%]

Poland - Law and Justice would grow 4 points in a week

Poland     New Poll     12-01-2017

Pollster conducted a survey published on 29th November where Law and Justice (PiS), the ruling right-wing party in Poland would increase its popular suppornt by almost 10 points since last elections (May 2015). Compared to the survey conducted by the same firm just a week before, PiS would get an increase of exactly 4 points. Civic Platform, the second force in Parliament, would lose 4 points since the elections and 2 since last Pollster poll. Kukiz'15 gets 10% (1▼,1.2▲). Next we find Modern with 9% (1.4▲,=). Polish People's Party would get 5%, being stable since election and since last poll. The Democratic Left Alliance would also get 5 (2.5▼,1▼). It follows the leftist Razem, which gets a 4%, same as the earlier poll and 0.4 points more than last election. Liberty gets 3% on this poll, same on the last one.

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Pollster - November 29

Law and Justice [47%]

Civic Platform [17%]

Kukiz'15 [10%]

Modern [9%]

Polish People's Party [5%]

Democratic Left Alliance [5%]

Razem [4%]

Liberty [3%]

Brazil - 71% of Brasilians consider the rule of Michel Temer "bad or very bad"

Brazil     New Poll     11-23-2017

Only 5% of Brasilian evaluate as good or very good the administration of Michel Temer. 19% of the interviewed consider Temer rule regular. 24% consider it bad and 47% very bad. 5% don't know/don't answer. The poll was conducted on 16-18 November 2017 and it has a 2.171 sample size with an error margin of 2.9. The survey by Data Poder 360, which contains much more information, can be accessed here.

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DataPoder 360 - Evaluation of government

Very bad [47%]

Bad [24%]

Regular [19%]

Don't know/Don't answer [5%]

Good [4%]

Very good [1%]

Indonesia - Joko Widodo close to 50% support

The current President of the Republic of Indonesia would win comfortably the presidential election if it was held today. Joko Widodo, who assumed office in October 2014, would get 49.4% of votes according to the firm Populi Center. Widodo's political party is the ruling Democratic Party of Struggle. Prabowo Subianto of the Great Indonesia Movement Party would obtain a  21.7% result. Gatot Nurmantyo, a general of the Indonesian National Army, would get 2%. This poll was conducted on 19-26 October and it has a 1.200 sample size.

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Populi Center - Presidential election poll

Joko Widodo [49.4%]

Prabowo Subianto [21.7%]

Gatot Nurmantyo [2%]

Greece - ND would get majority

Greece     New Poll     11-23-2017

If the election was held today in Greece, the ruling leftist coalition SYRIZA would lose them. The Greek electoral laws prize the winner with a 50 seat bonus so even if the leap between the first and second party is small, the relative power in congress is going to be radically different. SYRIZA would pass from 145 seats to 61. It's important to remember that the majority barrier is established on 150 seats. The liberal-conservative New Democracy would obtain 155 seats, 80 more than last election on September 2015. The neo-nazi Golden Dawn would obtain a better result passing from 18 to 24 seats. The Socialist Party (PASOK-DIMAR) would follow with 22, 5 more than 2015. Next we find the Communist Party with 19 with an increase of 4 seats. EK Union of Centrists would get 10 seats (▲1). The nationalist ANEL gets 9 (▼1) and the social-liberal To Potami would disappear from Parliament (▼11).

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University of Macedonia/SKAI

ND New Democracy [36.9%]

Syriza Coalition of the Radical Left [21.4%]

XA Popular Association-Golden Dawn [8.3%]

PASOK-DIMAR Democratic Coalition [7.7%]

KKE Communist Party of Greece [6.5%]

EK Union of centrists [3.6%]

ANEL Independent Greeks-National Patriotic Alliance [3%]

Course of Freedom [2.4%]

Potami The River [1.8%]